Solo Walks

Our solo walks are a bespoke 1-2-1 service that we offer to those dogs which require extra attention that might make them unsuitable for group walks. On our solos we will walk your dog alone, or with one of our own personal dogs if you wanted. 

Our walks are adapted to your dog's behavioural needs. We use only positive, force-free methods and incorporate focus games, positive attention and treats into our walks. You can rest happy that your dog is in professional and knowledgeable hands and will be returned to you having worked their brain AND their paws.

AllDogs are unique in that we are certified as a Pro Dog Trainer and have personal experience training and handling the more boisterous or 'undesirable' dogs that other walkers may turn away. We will consider all dogs, and if they can be worked with (and the owner is flexible and understanding) we can usually accommodate. We hold no size or breed prejudice and consider every dog on their merits, their faults and work with them accordingly. The van is also wonderfully fitted for large dogs, so please don’t be afraid to approach us with anything!

*Please note: solo walks are offered on a limited availability basis and must be outside our scheduled group walks.

Prices -

30 Minutes - £10

60 Minutes - £16

Additional dogs from the same household will be charged £6 extra per dog.