So, you're getting a puppy? Fun times ahead!

But do you feel confused by all the advice on the Internet? Everybody chipping in what to do? To crate train, or not? Puppy pads, newspaper or nothing? Worried you are going to mess your puppy up?

Don't worry! AllDogs cut through all the well-intentioned 'advice' and give you the insight on all things puppy.

Correct training and care in the early stages of life will prevent later behavioural problems developing, and help mould a reliable and enjoyable companion. We have specifically designed the ProActive Puppy package to ensure your dog meets their milestones with ease and you, the owner, have the long term support for all those puppy problems. 

Pre-Puppy Planning - £50 payable upon booking.

Designed to be taken in the weeks/days before you bring your  puppy home. It is a time where lots of decisions will need to be considered to ensure puppy can transition into your lifestyle with ease. 


Beneficial if you are a first time dog owner or you have not had a puppy for a while and want get up to speed with modern dog training methods without having to trawl through outdated google results.

Lay the perfect foundations before puppy comes home to ensure the smoothest transition to home life for all.


1x 45 minute session covering;


  • Help choosing the correct breed (if undecided)

  • Bedtime on the first night

  • What to buy to prepare for puppy

  • Arranging the puppy area

  • Management techniques

  • Toilet training guidance

  • Setting goals & expectations from Day 1

Proactive Puppy Program£250 payable upon booking.


4x 45 minute sessions


This package is designed to lay the foundations for a well balanced companion without overloading puppy's brain. You will have 4 sessions with a combination of practical/theoretical learning and home visits/training in public. The training takes a preventative approach to dog training, heading off the common puppy/adolescent problems before they start. The program is split into stages - before and after vaccinations - meaning we cover the crucial socialisation period in which puppies are most receptive.

Home Sweet Home - (pre final vaccination)
Topics covered:

  • Cracking toilet training

  • Puppy biting and what to do

  • Crate training (if you wish to use one)

  • Nutrition/feeding

  • Basic training 

  • Mental stimulation/appropriate exercise

  • What is socialisation?

Freedom to Explore - (post vaccinations)

  • Commence lead training in public

  • Polite greeting skills

  • Beginners recall

  • Boosting confidence in the big wide world


Benefits of 121 training v group socialisation
100% focus on you, your dog and your household
Fits to your schedule

Ensures puppy is not flooded with other dogs before the basics are understood
Training tailored to their age, breed and appropriate levels of distraction

Collect & Socialise* - £10/session


2x daily half hour session to work on socialisation out of the home environment


Ideal if you are busy working and don't want puppy to miss out on the crucial socialisation period

Taken without the owner to various dog friendly venues to train 'on the go'

Puppies carried in our arms until vaccinations completed

Perfect for breaking up puppy's day, ensuring toilet training continues and a brilliant introduction to AllDogs before social walks can start

*only available within a 5 mile radius of AllDogs HQ

Puppy Portrait