Positive, force-free dog training covering North West Norfolk.

Our objective is to help you to understand your dog's behaviour, to communicate with them in a way they understand and to lay the foundations to create a mutually rewarding dynamic between you and your dog.

At AllDogs, rather than barking commands at the dogs and expecting perfect obedience every time, we look to shape their behaviour and work with their natural personalities to achieve results in the real world. We train with low pressure games which keeps training fun, engaging and transferable into everyday life.

We are proud to say we are a certified 'PRO DOG' Training School. Our instructors have learnt under the guidance of vet behaviourist, Tom Mitchell and Team GB Agility champion, Lauren Langman, the co-founders of the Absolute Dogs Training Academy; so you can be sure that we are always giving the most up to date advice which is based on the latest scientific research.